Working with Coca-Cola, Creative Spaces designed the “Happiness Recycled” container in a bid to combat waste left at festival sites and create a better environment for all.


We were asked to create a sustainable, interactive and fun solution to reduce rubbish Coca-Cola at both the British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park and the Royal Highland Show. A recycled shipping container was the ideal solution to convey the message.


A recycled shipping container was adapted to include i-Pads, installed for festival goers to share their photos of their good recycling deeds on social media. We also created a fun game whereby people had to throw their used bottles into recycling bins to win fantastic prizes courtesy of Coca-Cola.

A plasma screen aired video content of Coca-Colas “keep the festival clean”environmental messages. Throughout the initiative tens of thousands of bottles were collected and recycled making the festival a happier place.