Due to Covid 19, everyone in the industry is reviewing plans and postponing events which is totally understandable. We wish to help ease any change of plans as quickly and effectively as possible, whilst also trying to limit the impact as much as possible on businesses now and going forward for the benefit of us all.

Some of our clients want to press ahead and build within the restrictions of the COVID-19 situation; they have realised that the best time to prep is now.

Like many others, we are hopeful that the situation nationally and globally will improve in the coming months, and many of the events that have been shelved or postponed will be reignited prior to Christmas.  Projects that have been at the back of producers’ and brands’ minds will become the highest priority; and the fight will begin to try to access event space, production time and creative manpower to get those events underway.

This is likely to result in substantial price increases; from raw materials, to event space to freelancers – there’s a finite amount of resource and everybody will compete for it.  Economics will change because of increased demand and limited supply.  We are predicting a substantial bottleneck in the latter half of this year as a result, and the inevitability that we will have to turn away work due to production being at capacity.

Brands and producers know that this current situation will eventually abate. They are pushing ahead with the planning, building and collating of their upcoming live events and activations, encouraging us to build and store their items until they can revise their execution dates.

Some clients are already making use of quiet workshops, low demand for raw materials and excess freelance workforce to stay ahead with their event build and paying small overheads for secure storage at GTMS’ dedicated facilities.

Once the bans, restrictions and postponements are lifted they will be ahead of the curve by executing their activations, without the inevitable scramble to get builds into pre-production.  After all, it’s already built and safely tucked away; all they need to do is have us set it up!

Clearly with a situation like the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone wants to be as safe as possible. However we would like to plan with you; it definitely pays to keep calm and carry on.

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